Auto Repair Services


Automotive Repair

Big Bend Auto Center has up to date auto repair equipment to service your vehicle.  Our ASE certified auto repair technicians will solve any issue from a routine brake replacement to complex engine problems 


Auto Maintenance 

Whether its a simple oil change or a routine maintenance service, we have the tools and computer databases to keep your vehicle on the road for miles and miles. 


Auto Diagnostics 

Have a check engine light on?  Let our experienced technicians diagnose your vehicle's issue using our technologically advanced computer scan tools.


Missouri Safety and Emission Inspections

We are a Gateway Vehicle Inspection Certified Auto Repair Center.  Our inspections are regulated by the State Highway Patrol.  We will inspect your vehicle's seat belts, brake system, suspension, steering and more.  Our emission test  will check to ensure that your car is meeting the state of Missouri's proper level of pollutant.s.



Vehicle not shifting smoothly?  Today's transmissions are complicated systems.  We can help maintain your transmission with our  transmission maintenance service.  If your transmission needs rebuilding we can remove, rebuild and replace your transmission.  

Brake Installations

Brakes starting to squeal?  Losing braking power?  We use high quality disc and drum brake parts to ensure you will stop when you hit the brake pedal.  


Suspension and Steering

Hearing a clunk, rattle or squeal?  We have experts that can find the problem and repair it back to new.  We can repair all the components of your suspension: bearings, shocks/struts, idler arms, sway bar and links, rack and pinion, power steering components and much more.  

Charging and Starting System

Did you wake and the car won't start?  Let us test your charging and starting system.  We can find the problem, whether a weak battery, alternator failure or a parasitic energy leak.    

Air Conditioner and Heater

Stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Our experts connect gauges to your Vehicles AC system to determine the level of refrigerant.  We can determine if there is a leak,  blockage, or a faulty compressor, condenser, blower motor, fan, or accumulator.  If your cars heater is not keeping you toasty in the winter, we can help.


Need new tires for your car? We have all the top brands at affordable prices.  


And Much More. Call us at 314-645-4704

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