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It’s all about staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter! Our experts know the difference in car refrigerants – is it Freon or R12 or R134 or YF1234? Thankfully, you don’t need to know – that’s our job, and we’ll make your car blow just like a Jazz Trumpeter (cool or hot)! We have the proper diagnostic equipment to measure your Vehicles AC system to determine the level of refrigerant. We can determine if there is a leak, blockage, or a faulty compressor, condenser, blower motor, fan, or accumulator. Conversely, if your car’s heater is not keeping you toasty-warm in the winter, we can also help.

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Today’s cars average more than 30 computers (1 on a chip), so diagnostics are more important than ever! If your car dashboard is telling you there’s a problem, but it’s not giving you enough information, then Big Bend Auto Center can take it from there.  We can plug your car in, and regardless of the year, make or model, analyze your car’s needs and let you know what it needs – from a simple oil change to new filters, topping off fluids, or something more complex - we have the tools and computer databases to keep your vehicle on the road for all the miles in front of you and your car!


Cars are now built to last longer and go farther. And, as the price of new cars keeps rising (some might say astronomically), it has become increasingly important to keep your current car well-maintained. And that means Big Bend Auto Center is here for all of your maintenance needs, including Oil changes, Spark Plugs and Fuel Injection Systems, Air cleaners, Wiper blades, Headlights, Taillights and Turn signal lights. Good car Maintenance addresses everything that wears out – including brake pads, rotors and drums, a complete selection of tires, Tire balancing and rotation, New Batteries and of course, belts and hoses.


Our ASE-certified repair technicians can solve will solve any car issue you may have. Most importantly, the answer isn’t always just to replace parts until it works – we believe in a careful, thoughtful analysis of the problem, and use highly-technical in-house computer equipment to analyze and assess your car’s issues. We then fold in insight and from our experienced mechanics and technicians, and finally cross-reference manufacturer recommendations along with best-practices. Big Bend Auto Center will ensure that, from a routine brake replacement to the most complex engine problems, all of our repairs will be the most direct and efficient way of repairing your vehicle. Plus, we back up all of our repairs with our very own 12-month, 12,000-mile warranty!

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Whether a warning light appears on your dash, you hear a metallic whine, or your brake foot pedal is becoming spongy, most people can tell when their brakes are starting to go.  Big Bend Auto Center knows brakes, inside and out, and can help you from a simple diagnostic to replacing an entire brake system, so you and your family can stay safe in your vehicle!
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Let’s face it – a dead battery is the bane of anyone’s existence. Whether it’s in the dead of summer or winter, a dead battery or a battery that won’t hold a charge is THE WORST. Let Big Bend Auto Center test your charging and starting system. We can find the problem - whether it’s a weak battery, alternator failure, an issue with your starter, or a parasitic energy leak (a short!) - and fix it so it’s not a problem any more.

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Stop going to Inspection Stations that treat you like cattle! Everyone knows an Inspection doesn’t cost a lot, but there’s no reason you should get snubbed just because you’re only spending a little money. Big Bend Auto Center will treat you like a King or Queen, even if you’re only getting an Inspection! When it’s time to renew your license plates, remember that we are a Certified Missouri Gateway Vehicle Inspection Center. Your inspection includes lights, turn signals, wipers, mirrors, tires, brakes, suspension, steering, exhaust and emissions systems to ensure that your car is safe and meets Missouri emissions standards. We’ll get you in, out, and on your way to the DMV as quickly as possible. (and you’ll have added peace of mind that your car just passed all those categories!)

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