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Common Repair and Maintenance Issues


Brakes form an integral part of safety infrastructure in your car. The Brakes system is made up of both Brake pads and Brake rotors. The pads are positioned on either side of a moving rotor on your axle.  When you press the brake pedal, the pads are squeezed against the spinning rotor; slowing the car.   If you hear the sound of brake squeal, the brakes pads are close to orno longer have enough braking material to properly slow the vehicle.   On the other hand, if you hear a grinding noise while driving, it is possilbe that the pads are no longer viable.  The Pads do not have any material left.  What you are hearing is the metal of the backing plate of the Brake Pad touching the rotor. This can be dangerous and should be inspected immediately.   Whether you hear a squeal or a grind, please feel free to visit Big Bend Auto Repair and have our trained techinicains inspect your brakes. 

Engine Check Light:

The Engine Check Light is one of the common issues drivers  observe illuminated on their dashboard. This symbol appears when, one of the many sensors within the vehicle, such as  an oxygen sensor in the exhaust system has failed.  At Big Bend Auto Center, we have the latest and up to date computer scan tools to diagnose your Check Engine Light.   Not only can we tell you the sensor that is affected but what is the basis of this problem.  We can retrieve the engine light code and determine, from our database, what this code represents.  We can determine what other diagnostics need to be performed.  We can then repair or replace the faulty componet within the vehicle.

Wiper Blades:

Many drivers discover the issue during a rain storm.  Wipers remove the rain water on your windsheild simply by sqeegee the liquid with the rubber surface of the wiper.  Thus Wipers have rubber surfaces that degrade or tear over time. The wiper  should be inspected for cracks, tears or lack of removing water. 

Coolant Leaks:

If ever you notice a liquid underneath your car?  In the summer, it is most likely the water from your air conditioning system.  This is normal.  However, if you see other liquids such as green, orange or other bright colored liquids, it might be coolant.  Coolant is the fluid that keeps your engine cool.  Coolant circulates through your engine, heater core and radiator through channels and rubber hoses.  The system is a closed system.  Therefore if you see coolant outside your vehicle, you have a leak.   It is mostly these leaks develop in rubber  exterior hoses and occassionaly from the water pump or radiator.   If  you find a leak, one must get this repaired or left undone, the engine can overheat because of the lack of coolant flow.

Battery issues:

Todays cars not only need a battery to start the car, the battery is requied to run the many accessroies and computers in today’s modern cars.   Today’s battery’s health can be checked using modern testing equipment.  If you battery is older than three years old one should check the battery for its ability to start the engine.  At Big Bend Auto Center, we have the latest conductance battery checker.  Lets us perform a courtsey battery check at your next visit.

Tire Pressures:

Both underinflated and overinflated tires can result in lower tire life. Underinflated tires flatten and it bends more causing loss of mileage and steering precision during cornering. Overinflated tires may cause more where in the middle of the tire.  Therefore an ideal tire pressure has to be maintained to have a comfortable ride.   If your tire pressure light is on.  Let Big Bend Auto Center’s technicians check your tires as well as your tire sensors.